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Social Security Disability Insurance: The Benefits You Don’t Know You Have 

Navigating the complex landscape of employee benefits can be challenging, but Recover is here to help.
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October 31, 2023

Clinically Reviewed by Kelly Morana-Piazza, LMHC

Navigating the complex landscape of employee benefits can be challenging, with many workers unaware of the full extent of protections and support available to them — especially when it comes to mental health. Notably, over 100 million working Americans are eligible for disability benefits, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) through their employers. Despite the broad eligibility, less than 5% of these workers utilize these benefits in any given year. It’s time to unravel the intricacies of these underused resources.

Disability Insurance: A Safety Net Overlooked

Underutilization of benefits can be seen in the realm of disability insurance. Almost half (45%) of working Americans have access to either short-term disability or long-term disability insurance through their employers. This type of insurance is designed to replace a portion of an employee’s income if they are unable to work due to illness or injury. Unfortunately, less than 5% of eligible workers make use of these benefits each year. Recover is on a mission to spread awareness and knowledge to American workers nationwide.

Most Employers Provide Disability Insurance

Employee benefits frequently play a pivotal role in the recruitment and retention strategies adopted by employers. In a market characterized by fierce competition for skilled workers and stagnant growth in base salaries, leveraging benefits becomes essential for HR professionals seeking to attract and retain talent. 

Offering a safeguard against the financial hardships associated with SSDI disability is a relatively cost-effective strategy for employers. This kind of benefit can serve as a significant support for employees facing potential income or job loss due to disability. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on employee access to disability insurance plans indicates that the expense of providing disability insurance amounts to roughly one percent of the total compensation costs.

If you are unaware of your SSDI benefits, it would be wise to speak to your HR department. Alternatively, you can request a free evaluation with Recover, where your benefits will be determined.

Why the Disconnect?

Several factors contribute to the underutilization of disability insurance:

  1. Lack of Awareness: Many employees are unaware of their eligibility for disability insurance, or don’t fully understand how these benefits can be applied to their situations.
  2. Fear of Repercussions: Some employees may fear that taking extended leave or claiming disability benefits might put their job security at risk, despite legal protections against such repercussions.
  3. Complicated Processes: For individuals, navigating the procedures and paperwork required to access these benefits can be daunting, leading to reluctance in utilizing them. For primary care providers and some therapists, the required paperwork is something they are not fond of, and unfortunately this leads to an avoidance of the topic. The great news is that Recover will handle this process for you, quickly and efficiently.

Need for Advocacy and Education

Employers and human resource departments play a crucial role in ensuring that workers are informed about their benefits. Comprehensive educational campaigns, simplified application processes, and a supportive work culture can encourage more employees to utilize the benefits they are entitled to — increasing a workforce’s overall productivity. In fact, employers would be well-served by promoting disability benefits via group policies.

As for Recover, we’re embarking on a mission to spread awareness about disability benefits for employees, including SSDI protections. Our goal is to help you receive the benefits that you deserve — and are entitled to — and to help you feel better.

Simplifying Disability Insurance

Not only can Recover help in determining your coverage, but we’ll also help navigate the process — relieving you of the hassle. We’ve completely streamlined the benefits and disability process, certification, and treatment process — making it easier for you to access the benefits that you deserve. Recover’s approach is particularly tailored to assist individuals seeking disability benefits for their mental health.  

A Simple Three-Step Process

  1. Free Evaluation: The journey begins with a free evaluation, where you can virtually meet with a licensed therapist. This initial consultation aims to understand your unique mental health needs and evaluate the necessity of taking a medical leave from work.
  2. Benefit Determination: Recover’s therapists, who are well-versed in the intricacies of disability benefits, will guide you through the evaluation and certification process. By ensuring that all the required documentation and criteria are met, they help in securing your disability benefits.
  3. Personalized Treatment Plan: After your initial visit, Recover doesn’t just stop there. We create a treatment plan based on your specific mental health needs. This step ensures that the leave period is utilized effectively so that you feel better and regain mental well-being.

We are Experts in Short Term or Long Term Disability for Mental Health

Recover’s therapists are not only proficient in mental health care but also experts in navigating the disability insurance process specifically for mental health. They understand the nuances and sensitivities associated with mental health challenges combined with stressors from the workplace, and are adept at ensuring you receive both the time off you need and the therapeutic support essential for recovery.


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